Technology Process SCales Bill payments

 TechProcess Scales Bill Payments

TechProcess Solutions, a player in the electronic payment processing industry, has deployed Array Networks application delivery controllers to optimize the scalability, availability and security of their bill payment services.

The company that has more than 200 of India's blue-chip institutions as customers maintained one server processing 1024 SSL encrypted transactions, restricted 30 requests per minute. This created a single point of failure and less than optimal performance during festival and peak usage seasons. In response, TechProcess set out to create an application delivery architecture that would simultaneously scale with growing business demands, improve service availability and enable PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) compliance.

With the APV Series application delivery controllers in production, TechProcess servers can now handle up to 1000 requests per minute - a 33x improvement, 60-75 percent faster response times, and 99.999 percent service availability.

"We recognized the need for an application delivery solution when our server was becoming overloaded and also could not support the demands of next-generation security. It was also clear we could not afford a single point of failure in our network," said Dinesh Badgujar, Head, IT and Infrastructure, TechProcess. "We selected Array APV Series application delivery controllers based on cost effectiveness, reliability, usability and demonstrated ability to ensure application availability and support next-generation security such as 2048-bit SSL encryption and PCI DSS compliant cipher control."