Tips for Get the best comments with simple wordpress

Get The Best Comments With Simple Wordpress Tips
When you are into writing blogs on a regular basis, the primary motive of your posts is to invite the comments from the readers to your link. Be it good or bad, this feedback highly counts and it really helps you chalk out your future posts. A comment on a page is the most valued response that you can get on your blog. In fact, a reader’s view to your blog also gives you satisfaction and the crtical evaluation that you need for your writing.

The primary objective of every blogger is to get the maximum number of responses to a post so that he or she can gauge the success of the post with the readers. The following simple and practical Wordpress tips can help you out in generating more valuable reader comments.

Remember to never mix your track backs, if you have them active in your blog, with reader comments. This makes it confusing for the readers to understand the difference between the two. Ensure that your comments are stylish to catch the attention of the visitors to your blog. This makes it simple for the readers to quickly identify the comment box and they can post their responses without hassles. If you have many comments on your blog you can number them for the convenience of your readers.

Customizing the wordpress comment box makes it fun for the readers to read. This catches their attention and in this regard prudent choice graphics is a vital part. The trick is to steer clear of the mediocre and boring comment boxes that are normally overlooked by readers.

When you have written your post and received a number of comments, remember to display the total number of comments received on your blog. Displaying the total number of followers on Twitter and Feedburner also helps you to attract more readers to your blog and earn those valued comments that you are looking for.

If you have very old content with comments it is wise to disable them so that your blog boasts of the latest and up-to-date posts. If you are using the latest version of WordPress, you do not need to worry about it as this is disabled automatically. If you are using an older version of WordPress, you have to update them yourself by deleting the older posts.

There are many readers who comment posts on a regular basis and in the process they may make a mistake while commenting on your blog. For them you can use the edit comment options that are present in the versions of Wordpress 2.5 and above. The reader can conveniently edit their comments in an allotted time and make it simple for them to rectify mistakes promptly.

The above Wordpress tips can help to get the much awaited reader responses that you are looking for your blog post. Your readers will also be happy to post their comments with a comment friendly page that in a great way also contributes the popularity of your blog with them to a large extent.


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