Some helpful Tips about wordpress or blog

Some Helpful Wordpress Tips To Get Started With Your Blog

Installing WordPress is easy and just a 5 minute job, though after the installation is over there are other things that you will have to do, if you want the most out of your blog. If you keep the following WordPress tips as a checklist then you will surely go on a right path. These WordPress tips are extremely helpful for starting a new blog.  
Organize your authors and alter the admin password

When you get started with WordPress, you are allotted a password, which apparently you will never ever remember. Therefore, change the password to something that you can remember. Go to the User Panel and customize your settings, here you can also add other blog authors.  

Change the Permalinks

The default URL of the articles will appear like www. Yourname. com/?p=243. This is a bad URL structure and will make no sense to the readers. You can change the URL and include the blog posts keyword in the URL. This will be a good structure for SEO and the readers will appreciate it. Do the following to change your permalinks:   

• Click on the settings and then click on Permalinks
• Go to ‘Common Settings’ and then click on ‘Common Structure’
• Type %name of post%/ in the given area
• Or you can also add category in your URL like,


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