How to choose the best one Antivirus Internet security

Antivirus internet security- How to choose the best one!

In this technology driven world the use of computers and the internet is only increasing. However everyone is aware of one fact that internet use may invite some Trojans or malware to enter your Personal computer. The best way to keep away from unwanted malware or viruses is to install good quality antivirus software. Below are some of the steps to choose the best antivirus software for computer security.

•    Try it before buying it. Yes before buying any antivirus internet security software, try it for some days so that you can analyze its functioning and how effective it works. In this way you will get the feel of the software. There may be cases wherein softwares are easy to operate by your friends but you may find them difficult. So always try the software yourself as ultimatley you have to use it and not your friends. 

•    Try to find out its effectiveness. You should know that your antivirus software protects your computers from which kind of threats. Some of the most common threats to your computer include Spyware, adware, Trojans and worms. Besides giving protection against malware, your antivirus software should be able to uncover those malware threats.

•    Choose the most user-friendly antivirus software. Choose that software which has a user friendly interface. See whether the software comes with manual guide or not. Manual guide is good to have because in case you get any difficult in operating then you can always refer to the guide. Also know which support services the software provides like live chat service, call center, 24/7 online mail service or remote assistance. 

•    Pick that package that does daily virus definition update. The more it updates its virus database the more you will gain protection from the latest virus attack. 

•    Pick that software that has low system resources consumption. Know how much system resources will be required for operating of the antivirus software. 

•    Look for multiple features in the antivirus internet security software. More the features, better it will be for your computer. Some of the add-on features and protection include firewall, spam blocker, anti key logger, anti screen grabber, and parental control.

So, all these points should be kept in mind while buying any antivirus software for your computer.


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