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        Just as many women suffer from hair loss embarrassment as men. In fact, there are more things that have an effect on women's hair loss than there are that affect whether or not a man loses his hair. So why is this true for women? Are there any effective preventive measures women can take? With so much time and energy being spent on coming up with ways for men to keep or regrow the hair that they have lost does it surprise you to learn just how many women (hundreds of thousands) suffer from hair loss as well? Read this article to find out why so many women suffer from hair loss problems.

There are certain medications that affect whether or not a woman gets to keep her hair. One widely known procedure, chemotherapy, will cause this to happen. Chemical interaction between the female body and other medications will cause this to happen, as well. Direct hair loss, falling out, is not always the effect in some instances. So what happens is that the cycle of hair growth is interrupted, and it stops growing. When that happens, it will still look like her hair has fallen out. It's hard to tell the difference between the two.


For men, the genetic condition of hair loss is referred to as male pattern baldness. Female pattern hair loss is the equivalent condition that occurs in women. It's similar to androgenic alopecia, but it's different for women. For women, the main difference is pattern of hair loss. What usually happens in men is that the hair loss occurs in certain locations, and then it spreads out from there. Women begin to thin at the crown, and all over the top, and it gets thinner.

If you have hair loss, consider how much stress you are under in your life because that can be a contributor to hair loss. The degree and type of stress in your life will have an effect on hair growth and loss. High stress that is chronic can cause increased rate of hair loss in some women. Some women find that their hair does not grow as much when they are stressed. You can help yourself to relax throughout your day by simply doing relaxed and deep breathing. It really is important to find the time to relax for a short while every day. Not only that, but it's critical to overall health to be able to relax every day.

Ok, so women's hair loss so far does not get an equal amount of media attention as is given for men. Obviously, women have hair loss and hair problems for a lot of reasons, and not all are completely understood.

There's an inability to control those situations in most cases. They have to do with hormone levels and family medical history. There are permanent conditions of hair loss, while others are temporary in nature. As with many conditions, you will not be able to properly diagnose your hair loss or thinning condition, so do see your family doctor.


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