Tips for Healthy living style

Tips to Healthy Living

Losing weight doesn’t have to be a difficult task. There are many healthy living tips, simple things, that if you implement them into your life, will improve your wellbeing and start your new life of healthy living.
A few easy and simple healthy living tips that by adding  into your healthy living diet plan are: increasing your protein intake, Substituting foods, getting more sleep, drinking more water and walking more.

Healthy living tip #1. Increase your Protein Intake

A great way to boost your metabolism and promote weight loss is by eating your meats, cheeses and eggs. the first of our healthy living tips is to increase your protein intake.

Protein is known as a ‘filling nutrient’. Protein contains a protein hormone known as Leptin. When Leptin makes its way into your brain, it makes you feel fuller off of fewer calories.
Another reason for eating protein is that if you do not get enough protein into your diet, your body will turn from burning your fat stores to burning your muscles for energy.
Include this, the first of our healthy living tips into your diet by cooking healthy living recipes that contain high levels of protein for weight loss.


Healthy living tip #2. Substituting foods

One of the biggest challenges to weight loss is our favourite foods. Many healthy living tips say to avoid all your favourite foods- stick to rabit food! Try substituting the foods you love with healthier versions of themselves.
For instance, if you love your chocolate, instead of a block of milk chocolate, try a few squares of dark chocolate. Don’t go down to your favourite take away pizza shop, instead, make your own pizzas at home. They are a much healthier, have better nutritional value, and taste better. Taking these healthy living tips, along with your healthy eating plan and healthy living recipes, can help kick your weight loss into over drive.

Healthy living tip #3. Getting more sleep

For some, this is one of the hardest of the healthy living tips to introduce into your life.

Sleep and weight loss go hand in hand. When we don’t get enough sleep, the production of growth hormone is limited which leads to the body storing more fat. This is why sleep can be one of the hardest healthy living tips. Getting to bed earlier helps your metabolism and assist in weight loss.

Healthy living tip #4. Drink water

Healthy living tips don’t get easier than this, seriously. Drink more water!

Experts advise that you should drink 8-9 cups of water each day. Water can help you feel fuller. A glass of water before a meal helps to fill your stomach, making you feel fuller. Drinking plenty of water also allows your body’s metabolism  it perform at higher levels. The liver has the responsibility of converting fat to energy. Unfortunately, when you don’t drink enough water, the kidney’s don’t work properly, and the liver has to step in to pick up the slack. This means that the liver is no longer metabolising fat at its optimal level. Of all the healthy living tips, this is possibly the most important and vital for healthy living.

Healthy living tip #5. Walk More

As far as healthy living tips go, it is quite easy to add more physical exercise into your daily routine. It doesn’t mean you have to start trekking massive distances. Where ever possible, include more walking into your life. Park your car further away from the shops/office. Take the stairs instead of taking the elevator. By keeping to this healthy living tip and by introducing small efforts into your daily routine, it will slowly work into a habit and before you know it, you will be walking more and more without realising it.


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