Tips for Raising your ROI with Email Marketing

Raising your ROI with Email Marketing

In a bad economy, email marketers need to be creative and resourceful.  They need to avail themselves of every path, opportunity, and tool at their disposal, to not only remain in the game – but to win it as well.

Using email marketing software is an essential step when reevaluating and leveraging your MLM strategies.  With the powerful tools of our multifaceted email campaign software, you get the best return possible on money invested in your direct marketing campaigns.  You need to make each email campaign count, while increasing your conversion rates.   Here are just some of the advantages that our software brings to the table today – improving your email marketing campaigns while greatly increasing your ROI.

Segmentation is vital to a campaign’s success.  But many email marketers do not take the time and effort to use that knowledge effectively. Many marketers do not realize the value of segmentation.  Whatever your expertise or comfort zone, you need to work on segmenting your database for optimal results.

With email marketing software, you can target the right people with right message.  Breaking your data lists into:  Age, Gender, Class, Income, Location, hobbies and purchase preferences are just a few of the countless ways we can split lists to give ourselves a greater chance of converting the curious to prospects – converting prospects to sales - to repeat satisfied purchasers, as we continue to build ongoing relationships with our recipients.

Social Media Integration

You need to be in it if you are determined to win it.  No email marketing campaign software is complete without Social Media Integration.  Smart email marketers know that they need social network integration. Email campaigns and social media work hand-in-hand, each helping promote online visibility.

Email marketing software seamlessly connects you with your clients and prospects.  Create your campaign and insert social media links with just a click.  Your recipients will then have the option, to add your email campaign to their social networking sites, on the fly.

Marketing Reports and Analytics

You cannot manage data that you have not measured.  We are living in a diversified, multicultural universe.  The Internet has opened the door to a global market never before realized.  When marketing to such a gamut of personalities and cultures, every part of our campaign must be measured and tested.  As one size does not fit all, one message does not have the same results.

A/B testing is comparing two campaigns going out to a divided recipient list.  By changing several aspects of your campaign, you will soon discover which one is the most successful.  Using this method to test your subject lines, design, content, or call to action, will quickly show the comparisons between campaigns in open clicks, links, and conversion rates.  Adapting your campaign as you learn what to change is the key towards any successful email marketing campaign.

Tracking in Real Time gives your campaigns tracking stats with real-time behavioral patterns.  This enables email marketers to understand and interpret the actions taken by their recipient in each campaign.  This information can then be used to modify and target a well planned campaign that is not just engaging, but results in satisfying the recipient’s needs.  With these advanced tracking reports, you can adapt and adjust your offers, tactics, and strategies, automatically boosting sales and profitability.

The sole focus of any email marketing campaign is to send out targeted, relevant messages, to receptive subscribers.  For that to happen, one must know their audience, having the proper demographics and behavioral statistics in which to work.  In today’s highly competitive market, every campaign is important.  In a stressed and work oriented society, we are all suffering from an extraordinary lack of time.  Lack of time always leads to impatience.  Your email campaign may have just seconds to win or lose under those conditions.

Don’t play guessing games with your email marketing campaigns.  Get the competitive edge you need to get your email marketing campaigns noticed, opened, and read.


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