Tips for Success for Web Developers

Using Analytics to Measure the Success for Web Developers

The most critical area of web development is to know how successful your websites are performing. Of course, the internet presence is the foundation for success, but for a web developer, you need to know the worth of your designs in order to do better, which in turn, can impact your client base.

Most web developers have an expectation standard for how well their website will perform. Web developers and designers intentions are in the fact that you want the visitor to be engaged with the design as much as possible.

So how do you know if your web designs are making an impact and that your expectations are met? You have to measure it. You have to go a bit further and also measure the specifics of the interactions done by visitors.

Here’s how:

Use analytical programs and tools to measure your visitor’s activity. Basically, every time someone comes to visit a site you’ve made, you can detail each event of their interaction, as a trail has left an imprint of what they’ve done. These statistics will help you to develop better web design skills since you’ll be able to see what is working and what isn’t working.

Overall, analytics will reveal:

Website visitor hits
Demographics of the hits
Geography of the hits
Which search engine was used to plant the visitor on your site
Amount of unique hits
Keyword hits (if a keyword was used to land a visitor to the page)
How much time the visitor spent on the site
How the visitor navigated the site
Where the visitor scrolled to and at what point they stopped
What things the visitor clicked while on the website
Where the visitor spent the most time
How long it takes for your website to load
Shows any broken links

If you want your websites to do your clients some justice, getting ahead of the game by using analytical tools is a wonderful idea. Analytics will give you the answer to the who, what, when, where, so you know what to target in web design and what approaches to take to improve. The statistics will even help you to determine the overall performance of your design.


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